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Studio 3 Nola

Red Jester Walking Head

Red Jester Walking Head

Make your Big Easy celebration one-of-a-kind with Studio 3's big walking heads and figures. Our Red Jester brings festive energy and fun to any event -- conventions, product launches, Mardi Gras balls, private parties, and more. The New Orleans spirit and impressive size -- 8 to 12 feet tall -- come with our big walking heads and figures. Trust us, your guests will be snapping pics and taking videos -- creating memories to last a lifetime with their captivating new friends from Studio 3.

Additional Information

  • All Inclusive: Studio 3 takes care of the logistics, including delivery, setup, and takedown, and pickup.
  • Stunning Visual Impact: Standing anywhere from 8 to 12 feet tall, our walking heads and figures are showstoppers.
  • Interactive Experience: Our walking heads and figures come to life with a performer to create a fun and interactive event.
  • Performer Included: Studio 3 provides the performer and brings the walking head or figure to life; so much fun for pics and videos.
  • Expert Craftsmanship: Designed by the team at Studio 3, our big heads and figures are a testament to quality and creativity.
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